Gaetano Dellepiane started in music when he composed, sang and recorded his first song at the age of 7. At the age of 12, he made musical backgrounds for a video game and a theater play. In 2017, he created the world’s first crypto-sonorous currency, accessible as The following year he founded the international catalog of Peruvian cajon: With his musical project “Sound of Prediction, No. 1” in 2020, he participated in the “Collide Arts at CERN Residency Award”, organized by the “European Center for Particle Physics”. In 2022, thanks to his grades and the recommendation of his teachers, he won the “Celebrity” scholarship from “Berklee College of Music”. Since the beginning of 2024, he has been a member of the “Latin Recording Academy”. Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, he has publications on musical platforms, highlighting: “Destinado”, “Iluminan”, “Figura” and his five-song EP “Aires”.